The August 2004 Edition of the Valley Patriot



Pages 1-16 (PDF)

Lead Story: Land Grab at Veterans Stadium
UN CONFIRMS: WMD's Smuggled Out of Iraq
Editorial: Name Transportation Center
for Firefighter McGuire
Paying Attention!
Lantigua Crying Racism...Again!
Tom Duggan's Notebook
Correcting the record
on Israel & the Middle East
Help Emergency Officials Find Your Home
Michael Moore and the problem of
American (and Jewish) self-hatred

Greater Lawrence Students Win Medals
Cassidy: World War II Memorial Omission
Lies and Moore Lies
Random Thoughts by Mark Palermo
Valley Patriot of the Month:
Walter Pomerleau
Book Keepers Corner
N.A. Knights of Columbus
Donate Needed Medical Lift
Heroes & Bozos
Ask the Collector
Prager: Why the Democrats use 12-year-olds
"Raise'em Right"
Dr. Barbara Peary
MAnzi: hat Fiscal Crisis? Methuen's Budget
Shows a Healthy State in Methuen
Sowell Foreign Allies
Cutting Away to Success
Pleshaw: The First Big Thing
Naked Partisans
Rod Paige, U.S. Secretary of Education